How to Keep Your Carpets Clean Between Visits From Your Cleaning Pros

Getting your carpets steam cleaned can make them look better and create a more hygienic atmosphere in the home, as that cleaning removes trapped dust, allergens, and irritants. While this is a good way to ensure the carpets always look their best, note a few tips for keeping your carpeting clean between those visits from cleaning pros.

1. Get an air purifier

If you install an air purifier even in one room of the home, this piece of equipment will filter out some of those contaminants in the air so they can't settle onto the floors and get trapped in your home's carpeting. If you notice that the carpeting in one room or area of the home seems to get dirtier and more worn than any other, add an air purifier to that space and you may see that the carpets stay cleaner over time.

2. Change the furnace filter

When you turn on the furnace or air conditioner of your home, air will circulate through the furnace and its filter before it's pushed through the home's vents. The stronger the furnace filter and more high-quality the mesh, the more contaminants that will be caught in that filter, so they won't settle onto the home's carpeting. Change the furnace filter often and invest in a high-quality filter to keep irritants and dirt off the home's carpeting.

3. Use high-quality welcome mats

The welcome mats outside your home aren't there just for decoration, but should serve as a place wipe your feet and shoes before entering the home. While you may want a mat in a fun style, a plastic material or something with a low nap won't do much to really clean the mud and dirt off your shoes. Shop for a welcome mat with a thick, rough nap with a textured surface that will help scrape away dust, dirt, mud, and other debris from everyone's shoes before they enter the home.

4. Don't clean it yourself

One common mistake that homeowners make when it comes to their carpets is to try to clean it themselves by renting a carpet shampooer and some detergent. However, homeowners rarely know how to ensure all the detergent is removed, or they may use so much water that the fibres and mat under the carpet collect mould and mildew before they can dry. In turn, the carpet may wind up dirtier and more unhygienic than before. Leave the cleaning to professionals to keep your carpet in its best condition.