Important Questions to Ask Your Residential Rubbish Removal Company

You may need to arrange your own residential rubbish removal if your property is a bit rural and not on the route of a city-supplied service: a certain subdivision, condominium complex, or other such property may also want to arrange their own rubbish removal services, in order to increase pickup times or ensure certain items are always collected. If you're arranging your own residential rubbish removal for any reason, note a few important questions to ask of that company, so you know what's involved in that service and ensure nothing is overlooked.

Ask about electronics

It's not unusual for homeowners to have electronics they want to toss out, including old televisions, computers, and the like; these may be damaged or too old and outdated to resell, and putting them in the rubbish is the best option. However, not all rubbish removal companies will pick up these items, as they may leak dangerous chemicals into the ground when put in landfills. They also may not automatically recycle them either, and it may be recommended that you take them to a specific recycling centre. Ask about disposing of electronics rather than assuming you can just put these items out on the curb and that they'll be taken by your rubbish removal company.

Ask About Christmas trees

Most rubbish removal companies will collect Christmas trees for disposal or recycling, but may have certain time limits for when they will pick these up; the company may bring along an extra trash receptacle or wood chipper after the Christmas season, when trees are usually tossed out, but will stop doing so after a few weeks. Ask about your company's arrangement for picking up trees and if they're recycled into mulch or other usable material so you know when they should be tossed and that the material is not wasted.

Ask about yard waste and debris

If your subdivision or complex doesn't hire a lawn care service to manage your landscaping, you may want to ask the rubbish removal service about yard waste and debris. The removal company may provide separate bins for collecting such waste, or may have certain days when they will bring along a chipper for twigs, branches, leaves, and the like. If they don't have that service as part of their regular trips, they may provide it as requested, for an additional fee. Whatever the case, it's good to ask about this so you know your yard clippings will be collected and also reused or recycled rather than just wasted.

For more information, contact a residential rubbish removal service.