How to Wash Your Fire Retardant Curtains to Extend Their Life

Ensuring that your employees are safe is of great importance to your company. Fire retardant curtains are an essential part of the program that can ensure their safety. These curtains are made from fabrics that are treated chemically so that they can obtain fire retardant qualities. Therefore, the protection factor is not from the garment but the coated chemical.

Most factories have opted to use the fire retardant curtains as a precaution. With these curtains, there is a significant reduction in burn injuries. This will, in turn, give your employees confidence and the will to work. You need to maintain your fire retardant curtains so that they can function effectively. Here is how you should wash your fire retardant curtains to extend their life.


Some companies will prefer to get professional cleaning services for their flame retardant curtains. This can be the best choice because the workers and the employer will not have to take responsibility for the curtains. Professionals will offer you the best services, and you will have no doubt in their work. However, you may not be in a position to acquire professional help all the time. You will be forced to have your employees trained on how they can wash the curtains.

Flame retardant curtains have requirements that you should stick to when cleaning them so you can avoid damaging them. If the curtains are damaged, they will not protect your workers from fire hazards. You should follow the following steps when cleaning your curtains:

  1. You should look closely for labels on your retardant curtains. On the labels, you will get instructions that will guide you on whether the curtains should be washed or dry cleaned.
  2. Vacuum the retardant curtains in order to get rid of dust and dirt. It will be easy to vacuum your curtains when you hang them and clean them from the top.
  3. Wash the curtains that are washable using mild detergents. You should avoid fabric softeners and bar soaps since they can leave a flammable coating on your curtains. In order to prevent your large curtains from getting wrinkles, a washing machine with a large capacity is preferred to your home washing machine.
  4. Allow the curtains to dry by spreading them on a flat surface. You should not hang them while they are wet because this will stretch the large curtains and they will lose their shape.
  5. Once they are dry, you should spray them or dip them in a flame retardant product to restore its retardant qualities after washing.

You can always contact your manufacturer if you have any questions about fire retardant curtain testing and maintenance.