Carpet Cleaning? Avoid Carpet Catastrophes

Every carpet, regardless of the material and the colour it's made of, must be washed after some time. A clean carpet looks better and attractive. But you should be careful! A dirty carpet is a refuge for mites and a store for dangerous bacteria. Thanks to this article. Discover the basics on how to clean your carpet.

Let's get started!

How Often Should The Rug Be Cleaned?

Carpet cleaning should be done 1-2 times a year, either in summer or spring time. Why? Then, the high temperature of the air and the sun make it possible to dry the carpet in the open air. Drying carpets this way prevents mould growth.

The carpet will need cleaning more often when you want to remove stains. Yet, it is worth limiting its refreshment only to those places that are soiled and stained. In general, the less often you soak the structure of your carpet, the better.

How To Wash The Rug? 

Carpet washing can done in two ways, using your hands or with special equipment. The latter removes dirt and does not drench the bristle structure at the same time. However, it has one limitation, it is expensive!

Vacuum cleaners with a washing function can have different functions and possibilities. Before you buy it, it is worth to know the recommended washing method for the type of rugs you choose.

Manual carpet cleaning is more difficult and time-consuming. It can take much of your time to get it clean.

The Procedure For Carpet Cleaning

To wash the carpet, you need a carpet washing liquid, hot water and a brush with hard bristles. Start cleaning by removing the most difficult old stains. Dampen the cloth in the prepared solution of liquid and water and then apply it to the stain that you want to remove.

Soak it for several minutes to let the agent work. Start cleaning the soaked places by scrubbing in different directions. When you finish cleaning the soiled spots clean the entire carpet. Rinse the cleaning solution with clean tap water.

Rinsing is essential to keep your carpet in good condition. Dry the rug by rubbing it in all directions with a dry towel. This will prevent the development of moulds in the carpet. When the carpet is completely dry, vacuum it to collect excess dust and dirt. With the above guidelines, you'll be able to perform your carpet cleaning like a pro.

For more information, contact a carpet cleaning specialist.