Pressure Cleaning vs. Soft Cleaning vs. Power Cleaning

Pressure washing, soft washing and power washing all sound the same, but do they have the same meaning? Although they all utilise pressurised water to remove dirt, mould and algae from tough surfaces, they are different. You have to understand the difference between the three to be able to hire the correct professionals for the task. This article will offer the information you need.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing involves the use of highly pressurised water to clean the surface. The high-pressure water could be dangerous if you are new to this process. The pressure is so high that it could hurt you in the blink of an eye. This type of washing has other applications, such as descaling fish or carving pumpkins.

A pressure cleaner has more than two high-pressure nozzles on the rotating bar. The bar swivels with the flow of water, which creates a uniform cleaning pattern. Pressure cleaning is ideal for things like paved patios, concrete driveways and walkways, along with other exterior surfaces.

Soft washing

Soft washing involves less pressure and uses chemicals in cleaning or rinsing applications. Soft washing also uses a pressure washer. The tip of this washer is set to broaden the spray, which minimises the pressure. The cleaning solution in the water eliminates organisms and other material on the surface.

The cleaning solution is gentle on your house's exterior coatings and the environment. Soft washing is excellent for surfaces such as cedar shake, screens, lanais and stucco. Since this ordeal relies heavily on the chemical solution, you can rest assured that your siding will remain damage-free.

Power washing

Power washing uses highly pressurised water to clean surfaces. However, it heats water to a hot temperature which breaks down material on the surface. Power washing is perfect for eliminating residue like mildew, mould or salt from outdoor patios, driveways, decks and so on. The hot water is excellent for removing tough residue like chewing gum and cleaning grease stains on garage floors or driveways.

Power washing has other applications like controlling moss and weeds. The blast of hot water kills the weeds and prevents them from growing again. It is prudent to hire professional help when using a power washer since it is a heavy-duty piece of equipment.


Pressure washing and power washing use the same amount of pressure; however, power washing uses hot water. They are both ideal for cleaning of rough surfaces and stone walls outdoors. Soft cleaning may be a better option for cleaning your homes since it will not create any damage to soft areas like windows. For more information, reach out to a pressure washing service.