Two Cleaning Services to Use After Any Big Home Renovation Project

Here are two cleaning services you should use after finishing a big home renovation project.

A carpet cleaning service

After any significant home renovations, you should have a cleaner vacuum and steam clean your carpets with their commercial vacuuming and carpet washing equipment. The reason for this is that even if you take precautions to shield your carpets from the renovations, they will still end up coated in dust and potentially speckled with paint or plaster. This is because the sheeting that most people lay over their carpets during renovations usually gets pulled around when contractors drag heavy items, like building materials or furniture, across it or when they move their ladders around. This can lead to the carpets being exposed.

Whilst you might be capable of cleaning them yourself, the reality is that you're unlikely to do it as thoroughly as a cleaner would; this is partly because you'll probably be exhausted after the renovations and partly because the cleaner will have better equipment as well as a keener eye for detail, due to their extensive experience. Getting this done immediately after the renovations and before you've returned the furniture to the renovated rooms will mean that you won't have to pull all of the furniture out of the room again at a later stage to make the carpeting accessible to the cleaner. Contact a company that offers carpet cleaning services to learn more.

A dusting service

You should also use the cleaner's dusting service. Whilst dusting might seem like an easy job, the type of dusting that you'll need to do after a big renovation project is not the same as the kind you do around your home normally. This is because renovations tend to lead to dust falling onto almost every single surface within a house or apartment and whoever does this task has to carry it out incredibly thoroughly if they want to fully remove it. Doing this job half-heartedly with a feather duster will only result in you regularly discovering more and more dust over the coming weeks. This could not only make your home seem unclean but could also cause issues for anyone in your household who is allergic to dust mites.

It's best to have the cleaner do this intensive dusting prior to cleaning your carpets, as some of the dust that the cleaner wipes off your home's surfaces will fall onto the floor and will then need to be vacuumed up. As such, there is no point in getting your carpets into pristine condition before this task is done.