How to Wash Your Fire Retardant Curtains to Extend Their Life

Ensuring that your employees are safe is of great importance to your company. Fire retardant curtains are an essential part of the program that can ensure their safety. These curtains are made from fabrics that are treated chemically so that they can obtain fire retardant qualities. Therefore, the protection factor is not from the garment but the coated chemical. Most factories have opted to use the fire retardant curtains as a precaution.

Four Cleaning Guidelines on Preventing Carpet Staining

If your carpet gets stained, it will lose its original appeal. The discolouration might force you to replace the old carpet, and the costs can be significant. The alternative is concealing the stain. Unfortunately, most discolouring spills occur in prominent sections of the carpet. Fortunately, you can avoid these mishaps by preventing the stains in the first place. Most stains can be prevented through diligent maintenance of the carpet and taking the right action when an accident occurs.

Staying Safe When Working With a Rubbish Chute

A rubbish chute is a highly effective way of transporting garbage from a height to ground level. If you do not use a rubbish chute, you will need to carry heavy bags of trash down several flights of stairs or squeeze them into elevators. A rubbish chute can be deployed from a window on a higher storey and used to guide rubbish to a skip bin below. However, if you are planning to use a rubbish chute, it is essential that you are aware of how to stay safe.