Pressure Cleaning vs. Soft Cleaning vs. Power Cleaning

Pressure washing, soft washing and power washing all sound the same, but do they have the same meaning? Although they all utilise pressurised water to remove dirt, mould and algae from tough surfaces, they are different. You have to understand the difference between the three to be able to hire the correct professionals for the task. This article will offer the information you need. Pressure washing Pressure washing involves the use of highly pressurised water to clean the surface.

Carpet Cleaning? Avoid Carpet Catastrophes

Every carpet, regardless of the material and the colour it's made of, must be washed after some time. A clean carpet looks better and attractive. But you should be careful! A dirty carpet is a refuge for mites and a store for dangerous bacteria. Thanks to this article. Discover the basics on how to clean your carpet. Let's get started! How Often Should The Rug Be Cleaned? Carpet cleaning should be done 1-2 times a year, either in summer or spring time.